BUFFALO, NY 14216 

DEC. 13, 2019

A note from the Benedict family, following the charity hockey game at Nichols School:

"The last time I remember watching a hockey game at the Nichols School ice rink, Matthew was a senior, and we were celebrating the second last game of his high school career... looking back on it, it was so very special... Fast forward to December 13, 2019... this time we were celebrating Matthew's life and the impact he had on others. It was truly an overwhelming feeling, looking out at the players and spectators knowing some of them knew and loved Matthew as much as we did. And they are missing him as much as we are.

We will never be able to repay all those who have done so much for us... over the past five months. I never realized how much Matthew was loved. And how much we are loved. As we continue to live without Matthew's physical presence, we will not forget this truly special evening."


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