"Start the conversation now... Life is precious"

- Matthew Benedict

Nearly two thirds of people suffering from mental illness never seek professional help.

World Health Organization

Our mission is to educate students and athletes, and promote wellness on and off the field. In honor of Matthew - our son, brother, friend, and teammate - we're continuing the conversation he started.

About One Last Goal

One Last Goal is a non-profit endowment established through the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo, dedicated to providing resources at the intersection of contact sports and mental health.

Work with us.

We're looking to partner with other individuals, organizations, and college campuses to continue to erase the stigma around mental health. Have any ideas?

Share your story.

We know so many struggle in silence. Our hope is to continue the conversation around mental health, and we welcome the opportunity to work with you or hear your story.

Concussions and contact sports: What these parents learned from their son's death

December 4, 2019 

"Benedict is not the first athlete who played contact sports who took his own life. He is also not the first 20-something to struggle with mental health problems. But his story illustrates the challenges parents face as they decide whether to let their sons and daughters play contact sports, as well as deciphering conflicting messages from scientists and sports leagues about head trauma."

- Nancy Armour, USA Today