©2019 Matthew Benedict's One Last Goal

In honor and memory of our dear son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, uncle, friend, and teammate of Matthew William Benedict, we established a non-profit endowment through the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo on the day immediately following Matthew's death by suicide. 


The objective of this everlasting fund  from its inception on July 02, 2019 is to reach those who are suffering from the devastating effects of mental illness as Matthew did. While Matt knew of and freely shared his own struggles, he also realized that his was a challenge that untold numbers of other young adults faced.  He devoted his most lucid moments in his last five years to helping others face their struggles, bringing awareness to the plight of mental illness, and combatting the stigma associated with depression. 


Matt was our rock, our ray of sunshine, and an enormous source of pride even as he continued to struggle internally.  We believe that Matthew would want any donations in his name to be used to establish and support efforts that help students and/or athletes who suffer from mental disease, raise awareness about brain damage, and aid in the enormous challenge of suicide prevention.  The trustees of this endowment, in consultation with a variety of professionals in the fields of mental health, education, athletics, law, and others, are deeply committed to working toward Matthew's one last goal--providing specific avenues of support for individuals like himself who feel as though nobody understands them and that they have nowhere to turn.  

Please consider a donation in memory of Matthew.  This fund establishes an endowment that will continue to grow in perpetuity.  Together, we hope to honor Matthew and preserve his legacy of generosity, good will, and compassion for the rest of our lives and beyond. 


Thank you for considering joining us on this journey.

Matthew Benedict's One Last Goal


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"Start the Conversation Now...Life is Precious." -matthew benedict